Weight Training: ‘The magic bullet’

Having worked with people over the last 25 years, there are some common
themes. Generally people want to lose weight, have more energy, better
posture and be more active. Well, working out with weights accomplishes all
these objectives. In terms of weight loss, building one pound of muscle will
burn an excess of 50 to 75 calories a day, whereas one pound of fat barely
burns 5 calories a day. Weight training also increases your metabolism, the
more you work out with weights, the higher your body’s metabolism is
increased to accommodate the building and repairing of muscle tissue which
is broken down during weight training. Our posture suffers as we age and as
we become more of a sedentary and seated society. Strength training the
muscles of your upper back and spine does a great job to offset our postural
issues. So remember when working out, do as many pulling movements as you do
pushing. Another concern people have is a lack of energy. Remember, in order
to have energy you must create energy for your body to have. The most
efficient way is to strength train in order to build muscle. Your muscles
absorb and store energy… fill them up by weight training. Finally, mental
clarity and focus is a result of your body’s ability to transport oxygen and
nutrients. Strength training allows your body to be more efficient in the
transportation of oxygen, not only to the brain but also to your sexual
organs… so you get two for one, mental clarity and increased sexual drive.
Go ahead and find those dumb bells you stored in your garage and give us a
call to get you started on your weight training program.

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